About Us

The Key Biscayne Historical & Heritage Society is new. It was started in 2007 by founders Bob Bristol, Ed Meyer, and Dr. Bob Maggs. Already there are over 250 members.

This fun organization invites all of you to join to share your memories, photographs, newspaper clippings, or to learn about our past.

How serious and detailed do we intend to be in our efforts to fulfill our purpose? Very; this grassroots organized entity already has plans to include the following positions: librarian, archivist, and curator. Our video project will capture the stories of our pioneers, those lucky visionaries of the 1950′s.

KBHHS 2012 Officers are:

  • Robert Bristol, President
  • Olga Guilarte, VP
  • Dr. Vicky Rivas-Vaszuez, VP
  • Christine Biggers, Recording Secretary
  • Eileen Ortega, Corresponding Secretary
  • Lisa K. Grossman, Treasurer

The Standing Committees are:

  • Ani Nunez – Business and Finance Committee
  • David McDonald / Conchita Suarez / Kathy & Ed Keith / Joan Gill Blank – Newsletter
  • Wendy Wood / Alicia Estefani – Arts, Culture, Spec. Events Committee
  • Robert Vernon – Membership Committee
  • Kathy Keith / Ed Keith – Co-Chair – Communications, Outreach Committee
  • Joseph Pollio  – Grants, Fund-Raising, Endowments

Special Programs:

  • Teri Scott / Ed Meyer – TV Channel 77, Radio 1640
  • Ron Erbel – Fire Engine/Phone Booth Projects
  • Hon. Michael Davey – Village Council Liaison
  • Jim Clayton / Allan Miller – Bell, Bell Tower
  • Joseph Pollio, Jr. – Crandon Park Train
  • Rosemary Sala, Esq. – Legal Counsel
  • Rafa Momeñe – Website Advisor
  • Rev. Fr. Robert Libby – Chaplain


  • Robert Bristol
  • Dr. Robert Maggs
  • Ed Meyer