Chief Harmon Fishing Tournament Results

October 1st, 2012

Most of the Chief Harmon Participants
This past weekend the 19th Annual Chief Harmon Memorial Fishing Tournament took place after an eight year hiatus.

The Chief Harmon Tournament is a kids tournament, where the only rules are that you must be a kid (13 and under), and you must fish somewhere on the island.

A huge amount of fish were caught at the tournament. The results were as follows:

8 year-old Daniel Sardina won top angler with 117 total fish caught.

11 year-old Laura Noyes got 2nd place and top female angler with 53 total fish, a nurse shark, barracuda and a big jack.

6 year-old Cal O’neil got 3rd place with 50 total fish and nurse shark.

The 2012 participants were:

Daniel Sardina, age 8
Laura Noyes, age 11
Cal Oneil, age 6
Emma Hardie, age 8
Carolina Aguilar, age 9
Jack Traynor, age 10
Robby Kemper
Julian Bell, age 6
Joaquin Macia, age 8
Griffin Clark
Santiago Dillon

The tournament is a great way to get kids involved with fishing, a sport we’re lucky enough to be able to take full advantage here in Key Biscayne. A big thanks goes out to all the participants and to the volunteers who made it happen.

Read on to see more photos.


Chief Harmon Fishing Tournament – September 29th & 30th, 2012

August 23rd, 2012

Chief Harmon Memorial Fishing Tournament

The Chief Harmon Memorial Fishing Tournament is back! After a long hiatus, Key Biscayne’s signature children’s tournament is back better than ever. Tell your friends!


You will need to download and print out the Catch Sheet [PDF]. Check below for the official rules.