Key Biscayne in the winter of 1986

September 21st, 2012

In 1986, a gentleman came down from Upstate New York with his newfangled video camera and decided to document his experience in Key Biscayne. In these two videos you can get a brief glimpse of what the island looked like back then.

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00:00 – Hanging out with the birds at the Sheraton Royal Biscayne, currently where the Ritz Carlton is located.
0:32 – Hotel hallways and gentleman
1:35 – Tour of the hotel
3:48 – Looking toward Crandon on what is now Grand Bay Drive
5:21 – Entrance to the Sheraton with fountains
6:09 – Staring north on Crandon outside the Sheraton. The Village Green is still Shady Grove. Crandon is a sleepy street
6:40 – Tour of Le Phare
9:11 – Cashier at Vernon’s says hello
9:27 – Doobie Brothers cranking at the Sheraton Pool, tour of the pool and beach
11:45 – Check out those prices at the pool bar. Unheard of for a hotel today, but the Beach Club still has comparable prices
15:29 – “Would you like a cocktail?”
17:55 – Back to the aviary
19:07 – Sheraton parking lot, looking north to Sonesta
20:08 – Heading east towards the Key Biscayne hotel, now the Ocean Club property
21:40 – Arriving at the Key Biscayne Hotel
22:18 – Inside the Key Biscayne Hotel
25:30 – Key Biscayne Hotel pool area
26:05 – Bar at the Key Biscayne Hotel shaped like a boat
27:40 – Lawn/golf area looking toward the beach at the Key Biscayne Hotel
28:35 – KB Hotel villas
31:44 – The Beach in front of the KB Hotel
34:18 – On Ocean Dr, which extended from Galen to Seaview.
35:10 – Back to the Sheraton, to see the shops

00:00 – The aviary at the Sheraton
0:55 – Driving out of the Sheraton towards Crandon. At 1:02 you can see Galen Breakers on the left, and at 1:46 you can see Crandon Tower
2:00 – Crandon Blvd looking north
2:30 – Brief glimpse of the Square Shopping Center, no traffic lights
2:40 – Pulling up to the light at Key Colony. Notice the old Key Colony entrance at 3:00
3:15 – Back to the aviary
3:40 – Looking towards the beach at the Sheraton
3:56 – Beach in front of the Sheraton
6:48 – Beach looking north toward Crandon Park
7:08 – Looking south on the beach. Notice the Ocean Club is not there
7:40 – Quick shot of the Sonesta and Sheraton from the beach. More at 8:39
9:30 – 16:00 – Hanging out at the Sheraton pool and beach
16:20 – Shops at Key Biscayne Shopping Center
16:45 – In front of the Jewelry Store
17:10 – Looking north from the jewelry store. Notice the new Winn Dixie building is not built. Amocco gas station is in view
17:21 – Looking south from the jewelry store
18:10 – Old coach car. Possibly a Pontiac 2D from 1927
18:20 – In front of the Krest 5 & 10, the Winn Dixie would be to the left
18:35 – Woman rides bike with toddler, no helmets
18:49 – Back at the Sheraton pool. Photoshoot going on, very windy. At 23:30 you can see the models
30:27 – Bal Harbour Shops
38:40 – At the Donut Gallery. Lori says hello at 39:45
40:02 – Looking south from Harbor Plaza. Brief shot of the Oasis at 40:13. The hardware store is at the current Golden Hog at 40:18
40:35- Back to the aviary
42:25 – Random shots at the Sheraton

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